Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last night, Christy and I went to see The Golden Compass. It was a cool youth magic/adventure style movie. I expect that the book is better. There were a few characters that were obviously very complex but the movie format didn't really allow for sufficient time to develop them. The ending was quite good in that they obviously had more to do but it was a good time to break the action before the inevitable sequel.

In the reef tank, things are going pretty well for most inhabitants. The Tonga leather however is worrying me. She's looking rather shriveled and her filter polyps or whatever they're called are not spending much time in their extended and feeding position. There's a symbiotic, photosynthetic algae that grows within these corals and provides the bulk of their food. In light (nice pun,eh?) of this, I moved the leather to a spot closer to the light. I'm also about to go get a Calcium test kit and some Calcium dosing product (on the advice of my reef mentor and former owner of the tank). Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Thursday night, Colin had a Christmas concert performance, he was quite good and we have some footage of that to post as well. He's been at my mom's house since Thursday night and Cailan went to Christy's mom's house yesterday afternoon. They don't often spend time away from each other, so this is a little new for them.

Colin Xmas concert

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