Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reef Tank Day One

The tank is a 12 gallon Nanocube. Purchased from a friend as an established tank, there are some modifications as compared to a "stock" Nanocube, all executed by the previous owner. The hood was replaced with a Sunpod HQI 1058 metal halide light setup. The pump was replaced with the highest flow capacity pump that would fit in the back of the tank. Half of the pump housing actually had to be removed in order to fit the pump. Several tactically placed holes have been drilled to increase water flow to targeted locations in the tank and as a safety valve for the filter inlet grate which has a tendency to get partially clogged by coralline algae over time.

There are quite a few inhabitants already. The most readily visible is "King Prawn" he's a Peppermint Shrimp, he molted on his first night in my house. There's at least three snails and four or five crabs. There's a nice Xenia frag, a leather, and some reasonably well established green star polyps in a couple different locations around the tank. There are three Hidden Cup corals that live in the shadier spots towards the front of the tank. They seem to be more active at night, opening up and extending long clear tentacles into the water to gather food. There's a lot of hair algae that I'm told should be subdued by the addition of more crabs. There's also some red bubble algae growth in multiple locations around the tank, no one cluster is particularly large. I suppose that I'll have to try my hand at removing these before too long.

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