Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day Two - 12/05/07

Not much time to reef watch this morning, mostly just turned on the lights before heading off to work. Stopped at Pet-Mart on Busch blvd before coming home today. I bought three more red legged hermit crabs, a pair of blue legged hermits, and a Sally Lightfoot crab. The blue legged hermits are tiny, but at least one of them seems to have growth aspirations in mind. Within ten minutes of being added to his new home he inspected cleaned and took ownership of a larger shell. It was very cool to watch. Sally the Lightfoot is quite agile and started eating as soon as she touched down in the sand. So far she staying on the floor but I expect that she'll be helping King Prawn out with rock cleaning duties before too long. The other crabs are fun to watch too. The bigger hermit crabs like to forcibly inspect the smaller crabs at random intervals, no fourth amendment rights in this tank.

The two Margherita Snails were in some sort of struggle. One was attached to the other's shell and kept flipping him over. I separated them and put them on opposite sides of the tank. Hopefully they get back to eating up the brown hair algae and leave the cage fighting to the guys on Pay Per View.

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